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Repair tired staging deck platforms

We are often asked if its possible to repair staging and refurbish deck platforms that are either tired, or just really old, to save from throwing them away. In some cases the answer if yes. Its always possible to re-carpet decks with fresh carpet, when its become torn, frayed or is coming away from the plywood on the deck surface. A poorly made deck platform import, made of layers of plywood. Very heavy deck too. However you'll notice the following things tend [...]


Repairing Risers for Staging

One of the most popular requests we have each day, is questions about repairing risers legs. We have built up a comprehensive video guide to all kinds of riser repairs. We hope you find it useful. You should be able to repair risers, and most stage riser parts with a small amount of DIY skill. The best place to start, is to create a little shopping list of the items you will need to replace on the risers. These will generally [...]


Choir Staging Facts

There are literally thousands of travelling choirs in the UK alone, and being easily seen is very high on the agenda when it comes to their performance. Portable staging has become very popular with these choir groups. One of the key factors has been the need to easily transport the staging they buy. It is a must for the staging to be light, easy to assemble, affordable and most of all sufficient for the whole choir to be either seated or [...]


Portable Stage – Welcomes you!

Portable Stage offers a BIG welcome. We design, manufacture and supply all things staging! Our team are here to help, and make buying or using a portable stage simple. We are delighted to announce the launch of our best staging ever. NexGen staging is now available. Giving you great new staging features such as lighter stage decks, quick setup, lower prices and staging with No Locks! Contact us for a quote. We've taken time to compile a whole host of useful videos, covering [...]