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Portable Staging Voucher

NexGen funding initiative

NexGen has teamed up with many commercial partners to bring a funding initiative to all Education, Charity, Arts & Leisure organisations (ECAL).

The discount is commercially funded and is designed to help many organisations afford a portable staging solution. The discounts gives up to 42% off, depending on the quotation, organisational needs and items required. Each organisation that wishes to take advantage of the discount will need to have an official quotation raised with NexGen.

The code is valid to be used against the quotation at the time of order. Contact us to obtain your ECAL quote or fill in the form quotation request.

  • Here are the steps:
  • Contact us with an idea of the staging you require.
  • We will build you a quotation using the ECAL rate pricing.
  • When ready to order, email us a confirmation to go-ahead, and we will use the quote reference.

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