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Welcome to the NexGen Stage tutorials!

NOT READY TO BUY YET? Well, that’s fine. Our stage quote tool can help you get your staging project off to a great start.

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Our first step is to define the size of stage you need, and the height required. In this example we will build a stage of

4 metres x 2 metres at 400mm high, with 2 steps, Utility Kit, a storage trolley, fascia boards for 3 sides, handrails for the rear 4 metre edge and a backdrop drape. 

NexGen stage builder

So, our shopping list will be as follows: (Click below link to add your first item, then return to this page)

  • 8 of (1x1m) Staging Deck Platforms (Grey Carpet)
  • 8 of (1x1m) Staging Riser Legs (400mm high)
  • 2 of (1m x 520mm) Staging Deck Platform (Grey Carpet) – Step
  • 2 of (1m x520mm) Staging Riser Legs (200mm high) – Step Legs
  • 1 of Utility Kit – (important parts to connect items)
  • 1 of Storage Trolley
  • 8 of (1m) Fascia Boards at 425mm deep – (covers 3 sides of the 4x2m)
  • 4 of (1m) Handrails
  • 1 of (3m) Adjustable Backdrop & Drape Kit

To build our project list, we visit each of these products and add the qty and options where necessary, by adding them to the list using the “Add to Stage Build” button.

Once you have completed your list, submit it to our Stage Gurus Team at NexGen and we will check it for you, and see what can be done to save money, and apply any further discounts because we know you want those.