Disabled Access Ramp

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aluminium ramp for staging 1800mm
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Disabled Ramp for Accessing Staging

Enable disabled users to access your staging using these portable stage disabled ramps.

Ramp details:

  • Suitable for manual or powered wheelchairs and scooters
  • Stand alone with no fixings
  • Lightweight and strong aluminium construction
  • High traction, non slip surface
  • 1800mm length – suitable only to 230mm height. (Multiple ramps necessary to higher stages)

Easy to fold out with just one central hinge section, the disabled ramp provides wheelchair and scooter users with access to many more areas that are usually accessed by steps. Easily stored and benefiting from a carrying handle

Length 1.8m (6′)
Single Track Width 300mm (12″)
Closed Width 360mm (14″)
Open Width 738mm (29″)

Load Weight 300kg (47st) – Carrying weight 17kg

Allow 5 days for delivery.

Building industry guidelines, on ramp usage.

What is the recommended gradient for wheelchair ramps?

We quite often receive requests for health and safety requirement information from people who don’t really know how long the ramp should be to be safe on the staging they are trying to make accessible.

As a general rule most ramp manufacturers recommend a gradient no steeper than 1:12 for independent use and 1:10 for assisted use over shorter distances.

A simple calculation for finding out ramp lengths is to multiple the height by the ratio.

i.e. if working on a 1:10 ratio multiply the height of stage by 10 to give you the minimum length of ramp.

230mm stage x 10 = 2300mm ramp length

430mm stage x 10 = 4300mm ramp length

Obviously these are guidelines and make the disabled ramp accessing the stage pretty long. A good way to make a more practical solution is to run the ramp elevations down one side of the stage. Here’s an example to elevate to a 430mm stage platform.

1800mm ramp to a 1x1m deck platform at 230mm & a second 1800mm ramp to the 430mm stage height. Overall length 5600mm

(the above requires, 2x 1800mm ramps, 2x 1x1m deck platforms, 1x 230mm riser, 1x 430mm riser, 4x chair stop plate.)

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