NexGen Hardboard Fascia Skirt - Fits most brands

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hardboard valance skirting fascia
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Nexgen hardboard fascia – Alternative to Cloth Valance Skirting

We designed this hardboard fascia valance after client feedback about cloth valances. It seemed the cloth stage valance had a very limited lifespan and users were always ordering extra fastener clips, as they would become dislodged during use. In short this caused the cloth valances to become a very expensive solution to hiding stage legs.How to put up and take down portable staging hardboard valance skirting. NexGen

Replaces cloth Staging Valance Skirting.

So our NexGen team invented the hardboard fascia, which gives a clean, modern appearance and fixes in seconds to the staging platforms perimeter. Aspire Leeds. Staging and NexGen Hardboard Fascia

Its even lighter, stronger and faster, and we’ve added an extra amazing new innovation too, simply turn the NexGen hardboard fascia upside down and its a safety chair back stop.

Pound for pound this is the best stage deck system we have reviewed in the UK, and WOW! what a price. Gone are the days, where users have to trade flexibility for price.

Stage Reviewer – Compare Staging 

  • Come as standard with FastFix fasteners.
  • Cloth Valance – GONE!
  • Fasteners that become dislodged from fabric – GONE!
  • Flimsy looking and uneven valance skirting perimeter – GONE!
  • Velcro strips – GONE!
  • Fits all portable Staging brands with a 10mm aluminium frame extrusion channel

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