NexGen Staging Parts Utility Kit

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NexGen Staging Parts Utility Kit

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NexGen Utility – (Staging connection kit)

NexGen Utility kit is a must for all staging configurations and packages. Every staging order needs a utility kit included. This kit includes all the items required to connect staging legs, platforms, steps, fascia and extras like uneven floor wedges etc.

It also includes a selection of spares, in case you bend a rod, or lose something.

You can easily replace parts on risers yourself, if you bend or break anything, and if its not in the utility kit, you can order the part separately on this online store.

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  • Includes:
  • 2 hole brace plates
  • 4 hole brace plates
  • uneven floor wedges
  • black block with screws
  • guide tubes
  • locating pillar
  • velcro step straps
  • instructions


I always keep a small selection of spare parts to hand when travelling to sing in various venues. It is real easy to swap out a broken or lost part in seconds, and bring the staging legs back to full working order.

Walter Eaves Male Voice Choir

Full instructions and guidance will be enclosed in your Utility Kit too.

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