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Grants and Funding for Staging and Mobile Stages


Support Membership for your Staging

Gold, Silver level support membership.

Monthly Membership Charge
(This Membership payment will be repeated on the same date each month, via the same payment method setup during your first payment. Cancel at anytime by contacting us.)  Please agree to and read the full T & Cs at the checkout.

Your staging products are major investments that demand safeguarding. With that in mind, NexGen provides a Technical Support Line, a spares service that is fast and fully stocked and also on-site repairs for complete peace of mind. All spare parts are guaranteed to be compatible with your NexGen equipment.

We keep an extensive archive with full records of all of our Staging Production. This means that if you tell us our serial numbers, we can tell you which spares you need. even systems dating back to 2001. Get in touch with us if you aren’t sure where to find the serial number.

Call outs, parts and tech support can be expensive, so take advantage of our Support Membership Subscription.

2 Levels to cover all your support requirements are available.

Gold & Silver

  • Gold – Covers Telephone Support & Spares – £10.50 p/month
  • Silver – Covers Telephone Support – £5.30 p/month

We offer our customers the opportunity to set up a Continuous Payment Authority, whereby customers can safely and securely provide their credit/debit card details and we will take the payment for your support membership level each month. Choose the Level of support required and setup your payment now through the checkout. Read our full terms and conditions

We offer a complete “Original Equipment Manufacturers” spare parts replacement service for all systems supplied, inclusive of upgrades and additional new size parts. Only such OEM spare parts have the refinements developed by us the manufacturers over a period of decades of development and improvement. This has a decisive effect on improving efficiency and extending the life of staging systems, OEM spare parts & upgrade parts are a requirement for sustained high performance from systems.

  1. Response

Dealing directly with us the OEM you can be sure that the response will be quicker, as less time is required to identify and produce the part due, in a large part, to access to the original drawings. We aim to turn every enquiry around in the minimum time, and monitor our own on-time delivery performance very closely.

  1. Quality

When you are replacing a part on a system, you want to have the confidence that the replacement is identical (or better) to what was there before, the OEM is the only one that can give you that confidence. All our parts and components are created and tested to match the original specification, and are sure to be high-quality. They will be compatible with your equipment and perform according to factory specs.

  1. Support

We have the very engineers team that designed your equipment. Buying from us, the OEM, gives you access to a wide variety of technical and engineering support. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will be pleased to help you with all your parts needs.

  1. Value and lifespan

When you replace parts in your system, the expectation is that you will continue to get the performances that you expect, buying from the OEM ensures a like for like replacement and therefore no degradation in performance. NexGen genuine spare parts are designed to deliver optimal performance. Our spare parts will often last much longer than cheaper aftermarket parts due to the high-quality materials and testing we build in.

  1. Warranty

Perhaps one of the most important benefits you get with our spare parts is that many parts come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Should you receive your part with any defects, or if it’s faulty, get in touch with us and we will correct it.

  1. Return on Investment

Quite simply, since the parts we supply are designed to fit and perform to our factory specifications, it increases the life of your equipment. This will save you money, maintain performance and reduce downtime in the long run.

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