NexGens’s incredible storage footprint

Staging storage options

NexGens’s incredible storage footprint

NexGens’s incredible storage footprint

NexGen staging has an incredibly small storage footprint. Schools, Churches and choirs always face storage issues and space is definitely at a premium.

NexGen staging provides a storage solution within a 1 square metre cube.

The speed at which the staging is assembled from this storage footprint is the fastest on the market, with no keys, tool or locks to fiddle with. One Platform and Riser creates a module in 10 seconds.

You can put up a stage on your own in 2 minutes flat!

To make life even easier we also offer two mobile storage solutions, in the form of a trolley or flight case.

Handling your entire stage onto a trolley or pallet, takes minutes and further our platforms are the lightest to handle on the market at 9kg. Some other staging platforms are 2 metre x 1 metre and weigh 30kg. Not what we would call PORTABLE!

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