Portable Staging valance

Portable Staging valance

Portable Staging Valance

Portable staging valance gives the option to hide portable staging legs by using a valance skirting or are hardboard fascia.

We have designed a NextGen hardboard fascia which attaches really quickly to the deck platforms. It is also less expensive than the cloth version, we prefer using this hardboard fascia.

It has lots of great features not to mention its life span is far greater than the cloth version.

Some people decide not to use valance and actually put strobe lighting underneath the stage.  This can be a very lively look and is often used in musical applications.

The stage skirting comes in 1 m long pieces, in a range of heights which correspond to the height of the platform you use.

The cloth version  has fasteners which can be pushed into the side of the deck platform, sometimes these can become dislodged during use which means the fasteners have to be replaced. With the hardboard product there are far more robust fastenings, meaning the products lifespan is far greater.

The nexgen portable stage hardboard fascia  is 10mm thick and comes in black giving a very modern appearance whilst hiding the staging legs.

As many brands of portable staging use the same aluminium deck frame extrusion the hardboard valance can be used on most varieties.

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