Say GOODBYE to unusable staging platforms

Say GOODBYE to unusable staging platforms

Fully Magnetic Platforms with ZERO maintenance.

About this time of year staging users are checking their staging stock for those forthcoming events and shows in performance season, only to find out the platforms have faulty or failed locks. Even worse, some may still be fixed together, unable to be separated.

So, why haven’t you gone Magnetic yet? Switching to NexGen platforms makes platform faults a thing of the past.

Whats more NexGen platforms are very competitively priced and are on offer until December 31st.

The 1x1m platforms weigh in at just 8kg making them the lightest on the market, tested to 2 tons weight load, and the fastest setup time ever recorded, you’ll never look back with NexGen Staging.

Get a quote to put an end to your staging faults.

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