Staging – what does it mean?

Staging – what does it mean?

So how would you describe Portable or Temporary Staging?

Staging has a number of meanings, the staging we manufacture “NexGen Portable Staging” is defined as such “a stage or set of stages or temporary platforms arranged as a support for performers”.

Yes, that’s a pretty general description, but it covers the product. However, its only when you get into the detail of the product, that you start to realise the implications of assembling and maintaining one staging type to another.

We were recently visited by a group who run a Community Centre, and assemble and take down staging on almost a daily basis for various groups that use the centre. At the point they visited they were using 2x1m platforms weighing almost 20kg per platform, and it took 3 people around 30 minutes to assemble the staging each time. To say they were impressed by the NexGen product was an understatement.

When they realised that anyone could easily assemble NexGen, and that they would not have to rely on when burly gentlemen were available, it started to add more and more advantages. Coupled with the speed of not using allen keys, really brought home how far detached NexGen is from its older design staging brands.

Considering more than just the product itself, was indeed the reason this group went on to purchase NexGen with the funding we secured for them.

Now, they tell us, they always chuckle when other groups inform them about the amount of time they spend assembling their stage, and the additional cost involved in replacing failed platform locks to keep it 100% functional.

Anyone who has used portable staging in the past will understand how the locks jam and fail, the more they are used. Some suppliers charge £20 to replace a lock! There are 8 locks on some platform brands. The choice of the user is very often to leave the lock unfixed, and the platforms become unsafe over time. The image above shows a jammed lock, and rounded off Allen key hole. Replacing these can often make other inferior brands platforms more expensive.

We’d be delighted to put potential NexGen users in touch with current users, to understand the benefits.

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