The Best Storage Footrpint on the market

stage storage trolley

The Best Storage Footrpint on the market

NexGen Staging’s Incredibly small storage area.

Often space is at a premium when it comes to multi-purpose areas, in Schools, Community Halls, Churches and Events venues, so a really small storage footprint along with a speedy assembly and takedown is a key consideration.

As you can see from the images, NexGen staging beats them all when it comes to storage. We provide many storage trolleys and cases, but all of them provide an easy and smooth transportation method, from your performance area to your storage cupboards.

The image shows a 3m x 2m stage which stands 430mm high, with steps and fascia and utilities all stored neatly onto the a folding storage trolley.

Assembly of this size stage takes under 10 minutes, and take-down in the same time. Meaning you can spend time rehearsing or actually doing your performance event.

We are offering a FREE trolley on all orders of £3000 until March 31st 2020.

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