Village Hall Staging Project

staging carpet and fascia

Village Hall Staging Project

Mobile staging supplied to a village hall in Scotland

Of course we were delighted to supply a large stage to a newly built village hall in Scotland recently. One of the topics that arose from this was to point out an important detail with our NexGen Portable Staging, and the carpet finish.

When the client had assembled the staging and it was almost ready to hoover and use, one of the members took a photograph and it seemed some of the carpet was in different shades.

On contacting our support team we pointed out, that although it appears to be different shades, it is infact the direction of the thread of the carpet. Its very difficult to see this with the naked eye, but when taking an image, the light reflects differently on some panels to others, and it shows up.

So, if you want to make sure your staging platforms are all poitning in the right direction, simply take a photo and work from that to lift and twist.

In addition to carpet finish we also provide a Tough Hex finish in black for more heavy duty performances.

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