Winners Podiums are Staging a come back

nexGen winners Podium

Winners Podiums are Staging a come back

Pandemic restrictions are now easig and Sports people all over the globe are getting back to competition. This means of course that there are always going to be the victorius individuals and they need to be celebrated.

We are all familiar with medal ceremonies, although not all of us, have the talent to have been involved in one. But for those special individuals getting onto the winners posdium is what drives their dedication.

At NexGen we are delighted to supply portable and highly mobile winners podiums, along with bespoke prints, and backdrops for that special time at the end of a competition.

Many organisations, such as British Weightlifting, British Judo, World Kickboxing, British Wrestling are just some of the groups using this type of podium staging. If you would like to learn more about raising your event to a new level, especially with winners podiums click to view.

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