NexGen Square Block Foot Part – 2pk

NexGen Square block feet, are referred to in the trade as nodes. This is because these are the part that distribute the weight on the platform through the riser leg system. (supplied with NexGen gold turbo screws FOC – fits other brands of riser leg)

You can easily replace this part yourself, if you need to replace it. You can also remove the staging part to allow replacement of the vertical rods or nylon guide tubes.

The NexGen nylon block foot has screw fittings making it very easy to remove and replace.

It also have a cross section on the top, allowing for the riser braces, which fit snugly over the location pillar. This features aids the overall connection of the entire stage platform.

You may wish to watch the tutorial videos on our YouTube channel, for detailed video illustration of how the blocks can be quickly replaced.

These blocks are fitted as standard to NexGen Staging rIser legs, but they can be bought separately on this staging shop.

This spare parts allows the location pillar and the vertical pole to connect to each other by screw thread M10.


I always keep a small selection of spare parts to hand when travelling to sing in various venues. It is real easy to swap out a broken or lost part in seconds, and bring the staging legs back to full working order.

Walter Eaves Male Voice Choir

Made of toughened plastic, these robust blocks will last for years.

UK staging Brands - portable and mobile

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm


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