NexGen Riser Legs (1x1m)

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Staging Riser Legs 1x1m for NexGen staging
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NexGen riser legs system

When we launched our portable staging deck platforms and riser legs, the review website Compare Staging asked, “Is Portable Stage the best staging manufacturer around?”

Well we’ve made our new generation of staging decks and risers EVEN better. Its even lighter, stronger and faster than the rest, but we’ve taken away the locks, with amazing new innovations making them faster and more reliable than ever before.

Pound for pound this is the best deck system we have reviewed in the UK, and WOW! what a price. Gone are the days, where users have to trade flexibility for price.

Stage Reviewer – Compare Staging

Description: 1000mm x 1000mm (various fixed heights) – Please choose the required height for your stage platform.

  • NexGen Deck with NexGen riser will take weight load of: 2+ tons – Point Load: Excellent
  • Deck Weight: 8 kg Riser weight 2kg
  • Zero Locks
  • Riser adjustable height to 5mm 
  • Aluminium Telescopic system
  • Hardened Plastic safety node blocks fitted as standard
  • Available in 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm 

Points of Note: 

To calculate the exact stage platform height, the deck thickness (30mm), would be added to the riser legs height. (e.g. 400mm riser + 30mm deck = 430mm platform height.) We refer to 1 deck and 1 riser as a module.


NexGen risers are manufactured in the UK, giving excellent british made quality features. The lightweight aluminium frame, weighing only 2kg per riser, is very easy to use. The riser should be handled with care until it is opened to its full extent, at which point it becomes very strong and capable of over 2 ton weight loads.

The riser heights shown are the opened height. This is fixed. We can arrange for bespoke heights if required, but a tooling charge will be added. All parts on Risers can be replaced. We stock a full parts list.

The closed riser dimensions are below, for storage purposes.

NexGen staging platform

Order this platform and add the legs at the height you require.

NexGen Riser Legs and Deck Platforms. No Locks
Useful info

The riser and deck attached together as a module can be easily lifted by one person. No More Locks.

When you wish to fix modules of different heights for tiers, or a step. For example a 230mm high module, attached to a 430mm module, so you will need to affix the riser poles together. Staging Quotation Builder


Closed Dimensions (in cm) for storage requirements

1m x 1m NexGen12x12x52.7212x12x57.2212x12x63212x12x77.23
1m x 0.52m NexGen12x8x52.7112x8x57.2112x8x63112x8x77.21

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