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    Floor wedge parts. To stop wobbles in the riser legs, un slightly uneven floors.
    Uneven Floor Staging WedgesUneven Floor Wedges This spare parts fits¬†underneath the riser foot (black block) when the floor …£6.50£30.00 inc VatQuick View
    safety-accessories spare-parts accessory-parts riser-parts accessorieslarge-pack small-pack
    hardboard fascia for staging
    NexGen Platinum Hard Fascia Valance 1000mmNexGen Platinum Hard Fascia 1x1m. Designed for 1 metre platforms – various heights 1000mm length …£43.20£59.00 inc VatQuick View
    accessories display-accessories feedplatforms-for-stage school-stage-panels stage-panel staging staging-platforms
    Large and Small Handrails, for staging safety barriers.
    NexGen Portable Staging HandrailNexGen Staging Hand Rails PLEASE NOTE: We have changed the design style from a Gate …£190.80£214.80 inc VatQuick View
    accessories safety-accessories feedl shandrails-for-staging
    Folding trolley for staging platforms and riser legs.
    NexGen Pro-Trolley Foldable Staging StorageNexGen Pro-Trolley Folding Fully folding handle Pro-deck heavy duty platform trolley with ‘QuietCastors’, corner buffers … £228.00 inc VatQuick View
    accessories storage-accessories feedlarge-pack small-packstage-trolley staging-storage storing-your-stage
    Flight Cases to store staging and legs
    NexGen Portable Staging Flight CaseNexGen Portable Staging Flight Case Our NexGen Flight Cases come in two sizes: MID – …£1,198.00£1,340.00 inc VatQuick View
    accessories storage-accessories feedl mstaging-storage storage
    3x3m stage backdrop
    NexGen Stage Backdrop Kit 3x3mNexGen Backdrop Frame Pipe Drape Our NexGen Fastfix pipe and drape backdrop in black. Fully … £499.00 inc VatQuick View
    accessories display-accessories
    Disabled Ramp - folding. Access your staging using this fold away disabled access ramp.
    Folding Disabled Access Ramp 6ftDisabled Ramp for Accessing Staging or Platforms Enable disabled users to access your staging using …£1,078.00 inc VatQuick View
    accessories safety-accessoriesdisabled-access disabled-wheelchair-ramp portable-ramp ramp stage-wheelchair-access staging-access wheelchair-ramp
    Event and Display pop-up frames. Events, Banners or Backdrop frames. Folding 3m
    NexGen Platinum Display Pop-Up FramesNexGen Platinum Display Pop-Up Frames. Spider design – Folding Event & Banner Ad Frames Description: …£140.00£725.00 inc VatQuick View
    display-accessories display-event-frames-backdrops accessories3m-x-1m 3m-x-2m 3m-x-3m 3m-x-4mbackdrop-frames banner-ad-frames banner-advertising-frames-popup display-frames display-popup-frames event-display-frames event-frames platforms-for-stage popup-banner-frames school-stage-panels stage-backdrop-frames stage-panel staging staging-platforms