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Portable Staging for Churches

How to Use Portable Staging for Churches?

Imagine a world where portable staging for churches becomes a canvas for spiritual transformation, where each element can elevate congregants' worship experience to new heights. Picture a stage that not only stands as a physical structure but also as a beacon of divine inspiration, resonating...
gopak ultralight riser with NexGen magnetic deck platforms

NexGen Magnetic Staging Compatibility

Yes, NexGen Magnetic Platforms and risers are Compatible with other brands

Upgrade your event staging game with NexGen's latest innovation – the magnetic staging of the future. Its compatibility with other brands is unrivalled. Discover how Keith Jones of Quartz Audio Visual in Swadlingcote,...
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Officially the fastest staging on the market

So we shouted from the roof tops when we invented NexGen Portable Staging, about how fast to assemble it is. Many staging suppliers held this claim in their marketing, but our Magnetic connections smashed these claims out of the water. Used by Audio Visual rental companies,...
NexGen Riser Legs for Platinum staging range

Why using NexGen Magnetic Staging is best for your budget

Why using NexGen Magnetic Staging is best for your budget.

The magnetic connections used in NexGen platinum portable staging, simply last longer than lockable systems. They do not fail over time, through repeated use. This means you will not be replacing or repairing these locks in...
Large and Small Handrails, for staging safety barriers.

NexGen Handrails and G Clamps

Handrails for NexGen Staging

NexGen Stage handrails come in 2 sizes, to compliment the specific size of stage deck platform you have. Large are 890mm wide and Small are 460mm wide. Each Handrail is 1200mm tall, 200mm of which sits below the surface in the G-Clamp. The NexGen...

Making staging assembly even easier

Introducing SMOOTHGlide Location Pillars The new NexGen location pillar is an improved version availble from AUGUST 2019. We've designed this new locating pillar to give an ultra smooth glide of the staging deck platforms onto the riser legs. Its also compatible with lots of other deck...

Using staging but protecting your floor

Using staging but protecting your floor

Quite often our staging customers mention high gloss, wooden or gymnasium floors, even vintage flooring or tiles. Assembling a portable stage system on these types of floors can bring its own challenges, but the solution is here. Our team at...

North Herts Guild Choir – Their Story

North Herts Guild of Singers and NexGen Staging

In mid 2018 the staging crew at North Herts Guild of Singers visited Sheffield to view NexGen Staging and get a demonstration of how it might be the right staging to replace theirs. The singers perform while stood and...


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