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Our portable staging packages are very flexible and easy to use. Buy from 2 sizes of deck platforms and 12 sizes of riser legs. Create a package to suit your performance requirements.

Staging – what does it mean?

So how would you describe Portable or Temporary Staging? Staging has a number of meanings, the staging we manufacture "NexGen Portable Staging" is defined as such "a stage or set of stages or temporary platforms arranged as a support for performers". Yes, that's a pretty general description, but it covers the product. However, its only when you get into the detail of the product, that you start to realise the implications of assembling and maintaining one staging type to another. We were [...]


Portable Staging fit for Government

Portable Staging is very versatile and popular. Due to its ease and speed of assembly. Our pop-up riser legs and platforms make the product easy to use for all types of organisations. Recently our Prime Minister Theresa May was seen on TV, elevated above the crowd and standing on Portable Staging. To view the portable staging packages that would suit your organisations applications, visit our packages page, to get staging ideas.  


Portable Staging

Portable Staging - UK manufactured - Brand Name NexGen Portable Staging is very popular in organisations where the need for a temporary stage solution arises. These organisations can range from Education - Schools, colleges, universities - to Village Halls, community groups, choirs and musical performance groups. NexGen has been developed by portable stage technicians who have dealt with various clients over the past decade. You can obtain a quotation for NexGen Staging here. Some of the features of NexGen Portable Staging High Performance – [...]