Portable Staging Package to BUY ONLINE. 

MARCH is our “Budget Extending Month” 31 Days of incredible Pricing!

Portable Staging carpet colours

Choose from 12 great carpet colours. Have your staging match your colours.

NexGen portable staging packages are an easy and very economic option, if you are flexible and in a position to buy online immediately. Quite often the package shown can be configured into other shapes too, such as a Catwalk. These packages are available to buy online by card. If you wish to pay by BACs just email us. Please note pre-made package prices are supplied in “Grey Carpet option”. We also have a range of heights, and carpet colours to suit all applications.

If you have a few weeks its always best to drop us a line, with your requirements as we can then tailor the pricing and items to match your budget. Use the links below, to get started.


Small Portable Stage Packages

Staging Quotation Builder



Mid Sized Portable Stage Packages


Larger Portable Stage Packages

Staging Quotation Builder



Choir Type Staging packages for standing performances


Choir Type Staging packages for seated performances

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