Portable Staging Packages  

Even the largest stage can be stored on one trolley

Our NexGen Folding trolley, is perfect for storing your stage package.

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NexGen portable staging packages are an easy and very economic option, if you have flexibility in your initial requirements. They can solve the need for a stage fast, and you can grow the size by adding further modules later. The packages shown can be configured into other shapes too, such as a Catwalk. We also have a range of leg heights, and carpet colours to suit all applications.

staging finishes, carpet or tough hex

Staging Available in many colours.


NexGen portable staging is the most modern design available. It has no locks and uses magnetic technology. Removing the locks has added years of extra lifespan. Our staging is 8kg and the lightest on the market. It takes over 1000kg per sq/m. Made in Sheffield UK. If you would like some more info emailing over, just complete the quick form below.



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Small Portable Stage Packages

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NexGen Portable Staging Packages – The staging with no locks or keys.
Mid Sized Portable Stage Packages


Larger Portable Stage Packages

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Choir Tiered Staging. How to put up and take down portable staging for choirs. NexGen
Choir Type Staging packages for standing performances


Choir Type Staging packages for seated performances

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