NexGen Panel Trolley

Experience the efficiency of the UK’s renowned transport robustness combined with our innovative Pro-panel platform trolley. Inspired by the durability of a truck and the smooth movement akin to a tram, our trolley is equipped with ‘QuietCastors’, corner buffers, and convenient push handles for ease of navigation through the bustling United Kingdom industry scene.

Key Features:

Plywood base: Sturdy and reliable, just like the foundation of a basket, designed to cradle your goods securely.
Load capacity: A hefty 350kg, ready to handle heavy-duty transport akin to a dolly (trailer).
Mobility: Equipped with 2 fixed and 2 swivel braked 100mm non-marking rubber ‘QuietCastors’ for silent transit.
Frame: Robust steel construction, providing the strength you’d expect from a commercial truck.


Dimensions: 1200mm x 700mm, precisely engineered to fit through UK standard 800mm doors.
Height: Including castors 1000mm, optimal for maneuverability and storage.
Handles: Equipped with a pully handle for effortless movement, enabling a rigid and secure transit of panels, much like a dolly used in logistics.
Designed for versatility, our trolley is perfect for storing panels of sizes 1x1m and 1×0.52m on their sides, offering the kind of flexibility and reliability that is synonymous with UK engineering.

ON SALE – £249.00 plus VAT & Delivery

In addition to our standard offerings, we provide a bespoke supply service for custom-sized panel trolleys. Whether you need the compactness of a basket or the sturdiness of a truck, we cater to your specific requirements. Enquire for special sizes.


Additional information

Weight25 kg
Dimensions910 × 600 × 900 cm


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