2m x 1m Stage Deck Platforms discontinued

2m x 1m Stage Deck Platforms discontinued

2m x 1m Stage Deck Platforms discontinued

It used to be the case that buying the bulky 2x1m stage deck platforms and risers, made a stage area more economic to buy. NOT ANY MORE! NexGen 1m square deck platform and risers put an end to compromising flexibility for price.

Buying two 1x1m modules is now similar in purchase price to the equivalent sized 2x1m stage modules. That’s not where the benefits end either. NexGen staging has no locks and uses ground breaking ‘magnatech’ features, meaning there are no locks to fail over time, or keys to lose.

The advantages go on and on, ranging from lighter decks, easier maneuverability, and with absolutely no locks, they are the fastest to assemble, requiring a user to open the riser legs and plonk the deck on top. The frames are the same too, so you can attach your current decks to NexGen

Insiders seem to be suggesting that a world record attempt is on the cards, to prove NexGen as the fastest stage in the world.

Given the amount of bigger platforms out in the field, it will be a slow transition, but due to the fact the 2x1m deck modules are heavy, difficult to store and transport in standard vehicles, and given the range of benefits of the 1x1m Nexgen Staging modules, it seems the 2x1m stage deck platform’s days are numbered.

The NexGen platforms have also had a carpet upgrade, now having a more luxurious Evo Velour carpet finish available in 12 colours, giving organisations the option to match their brand colours.

Say goodbye to ongoing maintenance costs, and longer lasting more feature filled stage modules, by changing to NexGen for your next purchase.

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