Funding & Grants for Equipment Purchase

January 27, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Portable Stage Knowledge Base,Staging Questions & Answers

Funding a staging purchase

Funding & Grants for Staging Equipment Purchase

Funding can be a valuable asset when it comes to buying staging equipment to improve or enhance performances. We have arranged funding discounts through private initiatives and in most Education, Arts & Leisure applications we can provide a healthy funded discount of between 35 – 45% from the RRP.

However, with that said, some organisations still cannot find all the funds required to achieve their desired staging configuration.

We speak with such organisations every day, and quite often, a person is nominated to obtain quotations, whilst trying to also find further funding or grants. There’s a lot of websites out there to help you apply for a grant, funding project or loan. We have listed a number of useful resources below to get you started.

These applications can be lengthy and also take a number of months to come to fruition, but its certainly worth trying, as they are free to apply for.

Applying will involve having specific organisation information, including charity numbers, location, demographics, usage figures, accounts and many other details, which can take some time to collate.

Grants are usually made by public sector or charitable trusts or foundations. Generally the money does not have to be repaid and is usually exempt from tax. Many grant funders will only fund organisations with charitable status. Some granters prefer not to fund organisations that have built up significant cash surpluses. This can disadvantage those with a  business-like approach to running a sustainable social enterprise.

If you have a rough idea of the staging size you require for your venue, then go to create a quote. To get started with your funding and grants, you’ll need an idea of the overall cost for your future portable stage purchase. Visit our Visual Quotation Tool, to receive a quotation for the staging configuration you require.

When you have the quote, you can tweak things to get it just right, with the advise of our Staging team. This can then form the basis of the grant application size. Use the useful resources below to get the application process underway.


Have you had success in obtaining a grant for staging equipment purchase? If so, tell us about your story below, this could help other browser looking for ways to get started.