Staging manufactured responsibly

Staging manufactured responsibly

NexGen staging manufactured responsibly

Here at Portable Stage we pride ourselves on making good choices. Of course, we want to bring you the latest features and technology, but where would that leave us all, if we compromised those for the environment we live in?

That’s in the fore-front of all staging we develop & manufacture, so we can hold our heads high in the knowledge we use material suppliers & sub-contractors who use only environmentally and socially responsible plywood that is FSC certified. Recycled Velour carpet materials made to the highest fire rated standards, and Aluminium sourced from reputable mills within Europe.

We took the decision in early 2016 to concentrate on the lifespan of our products, and a key factor involved in that decision was to attempt to find replacement technology for the locking systems within the deck platforms. This was the birth of the NexGen stage system. The locks alone, on all previous systems, can cause deck platforms to have a limited lifespan, this means replacement of the platforms occurs to regularly, or indeed replacing locks themselves can become expensive for staging clients.

To help with the solution, we invented our Magnatech features, which allow the deck platforms to be manufactured lock free, extending the lifespan and reducing the ongoing maintenance costs of the platforms.

Removing the locks makes the stage platforms less expensive to purchase which allowed us to completely remove the need for 2m x 1m platforms and risers.

We took this decision, as users find the 2x1m platforms very heavy and cumbersome to move around. The storage and delivery of them was also an issue, so being able to offer the 1x1m staging platforms at a similar overall cost was a giant step forward for all staging purchases.

Another way in which our staging developments are helping the environment, is, by using these new staging features, we have managed to reduce the overall weight of each individual stage platform, making a difference of almost 7kg per stage deck (*compared against some stage deck platforms on the market), which helps with transport costs and impact on the environment.

We are still striving to increase lifespan of all our staging products, and look for innovative ways to reduce environmental impact, we would love to hear if you have any ideas we should consider. Leave a comment below to get involved.



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