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NexGen staging has been manufactured in Sheffield for over 15 years. We have invented the worlds first lock free staging. Buy your stage package from NexGen

ECAL – Education, Charity, Arts & Leisure Coupons

NexGen funding initiative NexGen has teamed up with many commercial partners to bring a funding initiative to all Education, Charity, Arts & Leisure organisations (ECAL). The discount is commercially funded and is designed to help many organisations afford a portable staging solution. The discounts gives up to 42% off, depending on the quotation, organisational needs and items required. Each organisation that wishes to take advantage of the discount will need to have an official quotation raised with NexGen. The code is valid [...]


Staging News – Portable Stage App launch

Portable Stage have a free App Staging News - The app is available on all devices from the Itunes store or Google play store. The app has video tutorials, showing how to repair staging risers, and identify the right parts required to DIY repair your portable staging. It all has push notification, so you can stay abreast of all the special offers, discounts and staging news. Support chat is available, and gallery of images, that are useful for ideas on layouts and [...]


Portable Stage – Welcomes you!

Portable Stage offers a BIG welcome. We design, manufacture and supply all things staging! Our team are here to help, and make buying or using a portable stage simple. We are delighted to announce the launch of our best staging ever. NexGen staging is now available. Giving you great new staging features such as lighter stage decks, quick setup, lower prices and staging with No Locks! Contact us for a quote. We've taken time to compile a whole host of useful videos, covering [...]