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Maintaining your Portable Staging

Staging maintenance, for your portable staging! One of the key considerations in buying a portable stage, other than the obvious, price, quality and suitability, is ongoing maintenance. Its also one of the most overlooked factors by people buying staging. In today's economic climate, the emphasis on getting the best price is so great, buyers are overlooking the fact they will spend in some cases,a further 50% of the purchase cost, on ongoing staging maintenance, replacing locks, keys and fasteners. This is pretty scary, [...]


Riser Leg repairs and replacement parts

Repairing stage riser legs. We've all experienced the time when someone has been using our portable staging, and unfortunately they have not treated the staging legs with the care you do. We know staging riser legs are fragile when in the storage state and this is often the time when damage occurs. It could be when they were stored on their side, and someone has accidentally stepped on the rods, or put a heavy item on top of the legs in [...]