60% of our browsers have a performance planned in April/May

60% of our browsers have a performance planned in April/May

Schools, Choirs, Hotels, and Event Venues are planning a show during April/May this year.

April & May are the biggest performance times on the calendar outside of Christmas it seems.

In our survey of Schools, Choirs and event venue browsers, it was surprising to learn that over 60% have something planned.
Our busiest time of the year supplying staging has always been prior to Christmas, but March and April are not far behind. Do you have a performance planned within the next couple of months? If so, why not drop us a line and tell us all about it, and we will promote you on our newsfeed and social media accounts like the below events.

March is our Budget Extending Month, and we are taking all quotations very seriously. We think you will see the major benefits of using our NexGen staging with its great features and new tech. So if your performance is planned, do drop us a line for an unbeatable quote on our Portable Staging.


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