Choir Staging Facts

Choir Staging Facts

There are literally thousands of travelling choirs in the UK alone, and being easily seen is very high on the agenda when it comes to their performance. Portable staging has become very popular with these choir groups.

One of the key factors has been the need to easily transport the staging they buy. It is a must for the staging to be light, easy to assemble, affordable and most of all sufficient for the whole choir to be either seated or stood in comfort.

We created a guide for choirs to use. It includes some useful tips, and tricks. You can link to the choir staging guide here.

How have you found choir staging? Is there something in particular you’d really like, but struggle to get hold of?

When buying choir stage tiers be sure the deck platforms or modules you buy are easy to transport and assemble. If you are buying tiered staging for a large choir, then you’ll also need to consider the depth of the staging platforms and you’ll need 1/2m deck widths if you are always stood, but if you are ever seated, then the 1m depth stage decks are required.

These have an impact on the trans-portability, but should fit into most average sized car boots.

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