Detailed description for the blind

Detailed description for the blind

Detailed description for the blind and partially sighted

This page is dedicated to the blind or partially sighted. Please find below a detailed description of NexGen Portable Staging. We have endevoured to create a picture by descriptive text.

Our new staging is called NexGen. It has no locks, so there is no need for a key to lock the legs to the platforms, or lock the modules together. The riser legs are 1 kg and the deck platforms are 8kg. They are very strong and take over 1 ton per square metre. They have child friendly corners and are carpeted with a velour carpet finish.

You can choose from a range of 11 carpet colours to suit your organisation, but our stock colour is dark grey.

We have removed the need for locks, by using magnetism, this means it goes together very quickly, by simply opening the leg system, which is a concertina type construction, made from aluminium and plastic. Opening these out along the floor, then placing the platforms on top of each set in the configuration you require.

The individual deck and riser is referred to as a module. These are very strong, and the engineering of the legs passes the weight through 9 nodes across the 1 metre square.

To give an idea of a popular stage, we have described the following –  3 metres x 2 metres. This requires 6 legs, and 6 decks. Each of exactly 1000mm x 1000mm square.  In dark grey velour carpet finish gives a professional feel.

One  of the most popular heights is 300mm, or approximately 1 foot. The platform legs are 300mm plus the deck platform thickness of 30mm, equalling 330mm which is slightly over 1 foot high.

You may decide you would like a step to access this height and we provide the same using a smaller deck platform, with a 200mm high riser leg. The step is fixed to the stage, to stay in situ.

We can advise an approximate cost for the whole package above of £1195 plus VAT.

That includes the delivery of the goods on a pallet to a ground floor.

There are other useful accessories, which include hardboard fascia valance, trolleys, handrails, backdrops and kick plate/ chair stops. All the accessories are extra costs.

We use independent couriers, so it would be worth having someone to help for goods arrival.

It would take one person, approximately 15 minutes to assemble and take down the above staging.

We hope that’s been useful as a detailed description for the blind. Drop us an email or call direct on 08452260192 for a chat.

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