Karaoke Parties Get a Rise

Karaoke Parties Get a Rise

Find your voice with this incredible Kit

Karaoke enthusiasts and parties organisers have a new ally from June, with the launch of the NexGen Karaoke Performance Centre.

NexGen have plugged a hole in the Karaoke equipment industry, giving users a full performance centre for the home, pub or club, providing everything from the microphone to the staging and backdrop.

Often users have been forced to buy bits of equipment from different suppliers, ranging from the Karaoke system, microphone, lights and speakers. Plus the portable staging decks and legs, backdrop frame and drape.

The NexGen Karaoke Performance Centre  includes all these items in one full kit. You can even connect your mobile phone or tablet to the bluetooth karaoke system and within minutes you have a professional karaoke setup to impress your guests and audience.

The deck platform staging is 1m square and raises the singers by 33cm, its finished with hardboard fascia, lighting, speakers and a full backdrop and drape.

This performance area kit, is a must for home karaoke parties, pub karaoke nights and wedding parties with a difference.




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