NexGen Staging Platforms are Cosy!

NexGen Staging Platforms are Cosy!

NexGen staging deck platforms last years longer

We are so passionate about our NexGen staging that we just cant stop pampering it. We took away the locks from the decks to add 6 years of extra life. This was an innovation by our NexGen engineers who wanted to think of better ways to make the decks even more fantastic.Staging deck platforms storage boxes

So magnatech was born in 2016 and the deck platforms and risers are now truly attracted to each other.

To make things even more cosy, all NexGen deck platforms are supplied with their own cosy twin deck storage boxes. So when your staging is not in use, just store the decks away back in their own twin boxes, and they will remain dust and damage free for years.

Another brilliant solution by our NexGen staging team.

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