Searching for the perfect staging

Searching for the perfect staging

Searching for the perfect staging.

Our team have been involved in designing, supplying and improving portable staging for well over a decade. It’s fair to say we’ve come across most staging applications, but advising which staging to buy to suit the application is definitely a skill.

Buying the right amount, height and layout to suit the performance area is vital, and getting poor advice can be both costly and dangerous.

Although Portable Staging is straight forward to use, getting the right product to suit your full needs takes a bit of research and we find clients usually average a 2-3 month order decision time.

Some interesting information to gather can include things such as, having a risk assessment in place for your staging, do you know when hand rails are required to comply with health and safety regulations, or the incline for ramp access and point loading for piano legs on the stage.

These are all points to get information on before setting out your portable stage purchase. Don’t panic though, we offer all this advice free and can chat through your requirements via telephone or email. We find a 20 minute chat on the phone can define the next steps to take.

Having this advice can also lead to big savings in areas where you might not have considered, like building steps into the layout in in-expensive ways, adding limited accessories instead of going for more than is necessary and putting together clever stage storage.

Thanks to the NexGen features of no locks and no keys, the staging has become quicker to setup, less expensive and lighter. Whilst retaining its ease of use and strength. We added better quality surfaces such as velour carpet and industrial standard tough hex finish.

Maintenance  has been reduced massively without locks, the staging deck platforms have no moving parts meaning there’s nothing to fail over time. The hardboard fascia has replaced the cloth valance skirting as it lasts 10 times longer and provides a professional finish, you can even have your logo printed onto the face, giving your staging a personal identity.

Many factors are considered when buying new portable staging, but here are 10 things to have on your checklist to help you make an informed decision:

Quality, Warranty & Lifespan.
Speed of Assembly.
Speed of take down.
Storage Footprint.
Ease of Manoeuvring.
Weight of staging.
Weight load acceptance.
Ongoing maintenance costs & availability of spares.
Safety & Risk.

If you need further advice on buying staging just drop us a line. We offer awesome customer service and value your feedback.

If nothing else, and whether you decide on NexGen or another brand of staging, we can help you search for your perfect portable staging.

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