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NexGen school staging is used by primary school aswell as comprehensives. The packages can be ordered online by card, purchase order or finance.

Staging Package for £45

Staging package offer Weve teamed up with Admiral Leasing to bring you this fantastic staging package offer. A 3 metre x 2 metre stage package in grey carpet at 300mm high, perfect for Schools, Churches, Village Halls etc. With a Free Storage Trolley for £45 per month. This package has a 5 year warranty and could potentially cover its own costs if you hire out its use once a month. The NexGen system is a quality package of 6 magnatech platforms and [...]


Staging – what does it mean?

So how would you describe Portable or Temporary Staging? Staging has a number of meanings, the staging we manufacture "NexGen Portable Staging" is defined as such "a stage or set of stages or temporary platforms arranged as a support for performers". Yes, that's a pretty general description, but it covers the product. However, its only when you get into the detail of the product, that you start to realise the implications of assembling and maintaining one staging type to another. We were [...]


Schools look to temporary staging

Temporary Staging - Schools and Portable Mobile Staging Temporary staging is a great solution to the multi-use nature of the modern primary school. We all remember the school hall, doing so many different things, from Nativity Play's, gym and even eating your lunch. There's so many activities take place in the school hall, it certainly has to be a very versatile space. Temporary staging is a great solution for primary schools that simply don't have the space to leave a permanent stage [...]