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Staging – what does it mean?

So how would you describe Portable or Temporary Staging? Staging has a number of meanings, the staging we manufacture "NexGen Portable Staging" is defined as such "a stage or set of stages or temporary platforms arranged as a support for performers". Yes, that's a pretty general description, but it covers the product. However, its only when you get into the detail of the product, that you start to realise the implications of assembling and maintaining one staging type to another. We were [...]


60% of our browsers have a performance planned in April/May

Schools, Choirs, Hotels, and Event Venues are planning a show during April/May this year. April & May are the biggest performance times on the calendar outside of Christmas it seems. In our survey of Schools, Choirs and event venue browsers, it was surprising to learn that over 60% have something planned. Our busiest time of the year supplying staging has always been prior to Christmas, but March and April are not far behind. Do you have a performance planned within the next [...]


How to buy portable staging

How to buy portable staging This post is a guide to understanding how to buy portable staging perfectly, first time. It's always worth remembering that you can grow your portable staging inventory over time, so it's not critical to get the exact size 1st time as you can add more modules in later months or years. As many organisations obtain funding for their portable staging purchase, this can mean they wish to get everything they require all in one go.  We have [...]


Schools look to temporary staging

Temporary Staging - Schools and Portable Mobile Staging Temporary staging is a great solution to the multi-use nature of the modern primary school. We all remember the school hall, doing so many different things, from Nativity Play's, gym and even eating your lunch. There's so many activities take place in the school hall, it certainly has to be a very versatile space. Temporary staging is a great solution for primary schools that simply don't have the space to leave a permanent stage [...]