NexGen, Lockington & The National Lottery

NexGen, Lockington & The National Lottery

So what makes NexGen Staging so special?


I’m Nathan Griffin, the owner and founder of NexGen Staging, one of the things people ask me over and over is, “Why should I buy NexGen Portable Staging over any other brand?”. Well like my answer to Ian @ Lockington Village Hall, who received over £5,000 in funding from the National Lottery fund,  my answer was straightforward.

“NexGen staging is proven to give the best value for money, in the long run, especially as an ECAL MEMBER!”

Let me explain, we literally started from the ground up when redesigning NexGen, most of the features offered in portable staging products on the market, needed improvement, but the major factor that staging users have encountered over and over, was failed locks and cleats in other brand deck platforms.

Yes, we wanted to improve on speed of set-up and strength, reduce weight, while adding ground breaking features, but the greatest improvement came from our magnetic connections. One of the most important things new staging users don’t realise is the cost of replacing failed locks and cleats for deck platforms. NexGen has no locks or cleats!

These cost you extra time and money every year, on top of the price quoted to buy your new staging. THIS IS WHY SOME OTHER BRANDS ARE CHEAPER. However, when you eventually add in the cost of these locks and cleats, and your time to re-fit them regularly, it becomes obvious that NexGen staging is the best value over its long lifetime.

I hope that helps answer why you should choose NexGen Staging, and help you evaluate your staging purchases of the future, but further still, we have a “Demo Kit” service and we’d be delighted to arrange a demo kit for you, sent free of charge to your address, so you don’t have to take my word for it and you can evaluate in your own time.

Thank You!

The story of NexGen  & Lockington Village Halls, National Lottery Grant Funded Project.


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