Precision Height Adjustments to Staging

Precision Height Adjustments to Staging

Height Adjustable Staging

There sometimes comes the need to have height adjustable staging. You may have a fixed but old wooden stage built into the village hall, theatre or school building, and you need to extend it a little.

We know that this can be tricky because it may not measure the same distance from the floor at one end as it does at the other, it may be a few millimeters different.

Being able to adjust the platform a few mm can be a big advantage in this case.

Also, you may having slightly uneven floor parts, which can sometimes cause tiny trip hazards on the staging, so again being able to raise one or two corners can be the solution.

NexGen Staging has added a great new feature which allows for small but precise height rises, by unscrewing the new corner location pillar thumbscrews.

Simple to use and allowing up to 5mm height increase on each corner, it’s a great feature on any portable stage.

All NexGen staging platforms come with this great feature as standard. Our risers are attracted to the deck platform with Magnatech Magnetic technology, meaning there is no need for locks within the  staging system anymore. This increases the lifespan as the main reason for decks failing in the past, were the integral locks.

The NexGen system, therefore gives a longer lifespan and additional features, not seen in any other staging brand.


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