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Platform Trolley on Castors

Platform Trolley on Castors Our NEW platform trolley, is perfect for panels and accessories. Stack platforms and panels within the frame of the trolley.  ON SALE £279.00 The trolley is easy to move on the castors, which have a brake too. Low cost and fast to deliver on a small pallet. BUY PANEL TROLLEY This trolley is available to order online. We can also make bespoke size trolleys in this type too.


Temporary Work Platforms

Temporary Work Platforms Our temporary work patforms are safe, strong and fast. Coupled with our 10 year warranty, they are wipe clean and sturdy. Taking weights well over 1000kg for each 1x1m square work module.


Mobile Work Platforms

Mobile Work Platforms Our mobile work platforms are safe, strong and fast. Coupled with our 10 year warranty, they are wipe clean and sturdy. Taking weights well over 1000kg for each 1x1m square work module.

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Covid Restrictions to be eased Aug 1st

Government Covid Restrictions to be eased from August 1st   This guidance will be updated as the evidence develops around singing, wind and brass instruments, and the wider public health context.   The five stages of the phased return to professional performing arts is as follows: Stage One - Rehearsal and training (no audiences and adhering to social distancing guidelines) Stage Two - Performances for broadcast and recording purposes (adhering to social distancing guidelines) Stage Three - Performances outdoors with an [...]

stage storage trolley

The Best Storage Footrpint on the market

NexGen Staging's Incredibly small storage area. Often space is at a premium when it comes to multi-purpose areas, in Schools, Community Halls, Churches and Events venues, so a really small storage footprint along with a speedy assembly and takedown is a key consideration. As you can see from the images, NexGen staging beats them all when it comes to storage. We provide many storage trolleys and cases, but all of them provide an easy and smooth transportation method, from your performance [...]


How often do you buy Staging?

How often do you buy staging? Well, the answer should be, approximately once a decade. But, all too often we hear from customers who decided to buy a cheap staging version only 2 or 3 years later. Staging that cannot be used is all too often the outcome of cheap sub-standard platforms. NexGen platforms come with a 10 year warranty, but lots of other brands don’t. In some cases the warranty is an added extra and that should surely start the [...]


5% SALE Staging Products

5% SALE now ON! Take 5% discount on all staging products ordered online before Xmas. Were still delivering this week for arrival before Christmas. Having a Party? Why not create a central party stage with a few Staging modules. Let your guests stand out from the crowd, by elevating their singing and dancing on stage modules. Now on sale, along with all other accessories. Offer applies to prices online as displayed, use the code stage5-19 at the checkout. (Not to be used with [...]


Staging Lecterns and Lighting

Staging Lecterns and Lighting NexGen Portable Staging compliments your lighting and speaker lecterns with handy cable ports, built in to the stage deck platforms. When ordering deck platforms be sure to upgrade one to have a built in cable port so it can be strategically placed in position to give you the best access for electrical cabling.  


Keeping your staging users safe

Keeping your stage performers safe on your Staging Our handrails fix onto any brand of staging in 2 minutes, and our new ultra thin clamps make the profile of the handrails ultra slim. Our handrails are on offer until December 31st 2019. Weighing in at 5kilos per rail they are easy to store, and assembly is simple. For full details visit the handrails product page


Portable Staging Discount for you

ECAL discounted prices There's never been so much focus on the lack of funding into the Arts, Schools and Exhibition investment, but thats about to change. The government nationally and locally is earmarking funds to re-address the balance in 2020. Having a greater control of the direction of travel, the UK government is set to stimulate growth in a multitude of areas, and one beneficiary will be these sectors. Coupled with the Education, Charity, Arts and Leisure discounts funded by our ECAL [...]