Social Responsibility

Social & Environmental Responsibility

TDL is committed to fully training its employees on key objectives and to play an important role in the delivery of responsible manufacturing procedures with the use of sustainable materials where possible.

It is TDL’s firm intention to uphold these objectives and to implement appropriate procedures within the organisation to encourage responsibility and purposefully deal with the numerous issues associated with the above.

In order to assist our customers in being responsible, and uphold these objectives, we implement the following procedures:

Marketing and Advertising

TDL will always use advertising and marketing with caution and conform with any guidelines and policies laid down. We ensure that we do not market or advertise any content that do not engage these guidelines.

Upon registration on the website, we will carry out some verification checks. In addition to this, we will also carry out business checks on a random selection of new and existing customers to ensure we are attaining guidelines set-out.

Staff Training and Awareness

All of TDL’s management and frontline customer service staff receive awareness training on many social and environmental issues.