How NexGen staging is made!
Making Portable Staging in Sheffield

How NexGen Staging is made in Sheffield UK

NexGen Deck platforms are fitted with Magnatech features, which connect to the NexGen location pillars on the riser legs. This makes a deck and riser attract to each other until enough force is used to separate them. NexGen magnatech means no locks.

We manufacture the decks and riser leg systems in Sheffield. Our craftsmen and women, make and assemble all the staging system from scratch.

NexGen deck frames and constructed, followed by the panel construction, this is all bonded and pressed for 48hrs, before the staging carpet or tough hex surface is applied. The riser legs come in various heights but the assembly is the same, finished with NexGen precision height adjustable location pillars.

We deliver your order direct with a dedicated delivery, so you can rest assured it will be delivered in tip top condition.

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