How NexGen staging is made!

How NexGen Portable Staging is made, in Sheffield UK

NexGen Portable Staging Deck Platforms.

NexGen Deck platforms are fitted with Magnatech features, which connect to the NexGen location pillars on the riser legs. The Deck platform is constructed of an anodised aluminium frame, which is light and strong. Magnatech features are inserted in the corners of the deck, and the bonded sandwich panel, is constructed of plywood, polypropylene core for strength and either a carpet or tough hex surface. NexGen Carpet platforms weigh 8kg, tough hex weigh 10kg.

Why Choose NexGen over other brands?

The Magnatech features are magnetic corner cams which replace the traditional corner cam locks. Research over the last decade has proven that deck platforms with traditional corner cam locks, fail over time. These locks are present on most Chinese and UK made platforms on the market. The locks become jammed and the Allen key holes on top, round off. These traditional corner locks cannot be replaced as they are built into the frame, so once they fail, the deck becomes useless. This is also true of the deck side locking cleats, which are expensive to replace. There are 4 side cleats on traditional deck platforms on the market, so when these fail, it is both an expensive ongoing cost and inconvenient returning the deck platforms to the manufacturer for repair. Some trade companies who buy these lock platforms continually have to repair the locks on these decks. This is not an easy process, so consideration should be taken if you do not have extensive DIY skills. NexGen platforms have no locks making the platforms last years longer. They are also less expensive so it makes perfect sense to choose NexGen. NexGen magnatech means no locks, no keys and no ongoing maintenance.

NexGen Portable Staging Riser Legs

We also manufacture the NexGen riser leg systems in Sheffield. Our craftsmen and women, make and assemble all the staging system from scratch. The Riser legs are made of aluminium poles, nylon guide tubes and black acetyl blocks. These are topped with the NexGen locating pillars which have 5mm of precision height adjustment. The riser legs are assembled to last for many years of use, the legs close down to 15% of their open extended size, so they are extremely efficient for storage and transportation. The riser legs come in various heights but the assembly is the same, finished with NexGen precision height adjustable location pillars. Riser legs become extremely strong when opened into their fully extended state, when topping with the deck platform, the modules are capable of weights over 1000 kg.

You can learn more about the staging manufacturing process by visiting our gallery or requesting a NexGen Staging Product Brochure on the contact page. We also have a youtube video channel which shows how quickly the staging sets up.

To evaluate the quality and strengths of NexGen Portable Staging, book out a Demo Kit. It’s a suitcase sized kit and delivered as a free service.

NexGen no locks, just years of hassle free use.

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