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Making staging assembly even easier

Introducing SMOOTHGlide Location Pillars The new NexGen location pillar is an improved version availble from AUGUST 2019. We've designed this new locating pillar to give an ultra smooth glide of the staging deck platforms onto the riser legs. This new location pillar is available in our store https://www.portablestage.co.uk/listing/nexgen-precision-location-pillars/ You can replace the previous version with this new smooth glide version. If you have experienced any issues when attempting to assemble staging platforms especially in corners where 4 platforms come together. The new thumb [...]


Stage users preferring no locks

Staging buyers swapping out lockable platforms More and more of the trade businesses involved in stage hire and staging setup are swapping out their hire stock for Magnatech platforms. The benefits of the Magnatech platforms are felt daily when it comes to speed of setup, lighter decks and the fact one person can setup and take down an entire stage. The Audio Visual companies in the events industry are also finding that these platforms increase the overall return on investment as [...]


£100 off our HOT Staging this Summer

This Summer NexGen Stage Packages are more accessible than ever! Pick up £100 discount on all orders over £1500 this summer. (Summer discount coupon £100 off all others with this code, above the value of £1500, placed before 31/07/19) Our stage packages are hot this summer, whether its a quote you've requested or a pre-made package on the NexGen Online staging shop, you can use this discount code whilst stocks last. Couple that with FREE SHIPPING on orders over £500 and [...]

staging with blue carpet

Quality Staging Carpet in all Colours

Our Quality EVO Velour carpet surfaces are made to last. This royal blue ordered by Lloyds of London is one of 55 colours we offer to match your staging to your brand or room decor. Enquire with us to receive a colour swatch of the  full staging carpet colours in our range.


Free Parts Bundle

Send us a Pic to claim yours Claim your free £10 parts and spares bundle. At NexGen Portable Staging we’re giving away free parts bundles to all users, who send in a photo of the staging in situ or in use. Simply email us a picture and we will send you a free parts bundle worth £10 in return. Please enclose your address for the bundle to be sent. This offer does not expire. We will add your image to our user [...]


NexGen Staging Platforms are Cosy!

NexGen staging deck platforms last years longer We are so passionate about our NexGen staging that we just cant stop pampering it. We took away the locks from the decks to add 6 years of extra life. This was an innovation by our NexGen engineers who wanted to think of better ways to make the decks even more fantastic. So magnatech was born in 2016 and the deck platforms and risers are now truly attracted to each other. To make things even [...]


Searching for the perfect staging

Searching for the perfect staging. Our team have been involved in designing, supplying and improving portable staging for well over a decade. It's fair to say we've come across most staging applications, but advising which staging to buy to suit the application is definitely a skill. Buying the right amount, height and layout to suit the performance area is vital, and getting poor advice can be both costly and dangerous. Although Portable Staging is straight forward to use, getting the right product [...]


See NexGen in action, here in Sheffield

Sometimes you just want to see the product in the flesh. Did you know, we have many customers visit us here in Sheffield to view a personal demonstration before buying? Well, yes, if you would like the personal treatment here in our Sheffield office, just drop us a line and we can arrange that. Sure we also have the Demo kits you can book out, and if you wish to receive one of those to evaluate NexGen Portable Staging, then drop [...]


Funding & Grants for Equipment Purchase

Funding & Grants for Staging Equipment Purchase Funding can be a valuable asset when it comes to buying staging equipment to improve or enhance performances. We have arranged funding discounts through private initiatives and in most Education, Arts & Leisure applications we can provide a healthy funded discount of between 35 - 45% from the RRP. However, with that said, some organisations still cannot find all the funds required to achieve their desired staging configuration. We speak with such organisations every day, [...]


Assemble portable staging – NexGen

How to assemble portable staging - NexGen Follow these steps for instructions on how to assemble portable staging. Firstly take all the riser legs from the storage trolley and fully open them. Do not open the risers in the air, as this will stress the tubes. The riser is at its strongest in the fully opened position, and opening the riser legs along the floor is the best way to keep them in good condition. Place the riser legs in the performance [...]