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Staging videos, tutorials and guides. Showing how to assemble stages and use products. Repair staging and riser legs parts replacements.

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Making staging assembly even easier

Introducing SMOOTHGlide Location Pillars The new NexGen location pillar is an improved version availble from AUGUST 2019. We've designed this new locating pillar to give an ultra smooth glide of the staging deck platforms onto the riser legs. This new location pillar is available in our store You can replace the previous version with this new smooth glide version. If you have experienced any issues when attempting to assemble staging platforms especially in corners where 4 platforms come together. The new thumb [...]


Free Parts Bundle

Send us a Pic to claim yours Claim your free £10 parts and spares bundle. At NexGen Portable Staging we’re giving away free parts bundles to all users, who send in a photo of the staging in situ or in use. Simply email us a picture and we will send you a free parts bundle worth £10 in return. Please enclose your address for the bundle to be sent. This offer does not expire. We will add your image to our user [...]


Precision Height Adjustments to Staging

Height Adjustable Staging There sometimes comes the need to have height adjustable staging. You may have a fixed but old wooden stage built into the village hall, theatre or school building, and you need to extend it a little. We know that this can be tricky because it may not measure the same distance from the floor at one end as it does at the other, it may be a few millimeters different. Being able to adjust the platform a few mm [...]


How to buy portable staging

How to buy portable staging This post is a guide to understanding how to buy portable staging perfectly, first time. It's always worth remembering that you can grow your portable staging inventory over time, so it's not critical to get the exact size 1st time as you can add more modules in later months or years. As many organisations obtain funding for their portable staging purchase, this can mean they wish to get everything they require all in one go.  We have [...]


Riser Leg repairs and replacement parts

Repairing stage riser legs. We've all experienced the time when someone has been using our portable staging, and unfortunately they have not treated the staging legs with the care you do. We know staging riser legs are fragile when in the storage state and this is often the time when damage occurs. It could be when they were stored on their side, and someone has accidentally stepped on the rods, or put a heavy item on top of the legs in [...]