Staging Questions & Answers

This article category covers staging questions raised by users and customers. The answers to many staging questions can be found in this section.

Platform Trolley on Castors

Platform Trolley on Castors Our NEW platform trolley, is perfect for panels and accessories. Stack platforms and panels within the frame of the trolley.  ON SALE £279.00 The trolley is easy to move on the castors, which have a brake too. Low cost and fast to deliver on a small pallet. BUY PANEL TROLLEY This trolley is available to order online. We can also make bespoke size trolleys in this type too.

stage storage trolley

The Best Storage Footrpint on the market

NexGen Staging's Incredibly small storage area. Often space is at a premium when it comes to multi-purpose areas, in Schools, Community Halls, Churches and Events venues, so a really small storage footprint along with a speedy assembly and takedown is a key consideration. As you can see from the images, NexGen staging beats them all when it comes to storage. We provide many storage trolleys and cases, but all of them provide an easy and smooth transportation method, from your performance [...]


Portable Staging Discount for you

ECAL discounted prices There's never been so much focus on the lack of funding into the Arts, Schools and Exhibition investment, but thats about to change. The government nationally and locally is earmarking funds to re-address the balance in 2020. Having a greater control of the direction of travel, the UK government is set to stimulate growth in a multitude of areas, and one beneficiary will be these sectors. Coupled with the Education, Charity, Arts and Leisure discounts funded by our ECAL [...]


Say GOODBYE to unusable staging platforms

Fully Magnetic Platforms with ZERO maintenance. About this time of year staging users are checking their staging stock for those forthcoming events and shows in performance season, only to find out the platforms have faulty or failed locks. Even worse, some may still be fixed together, unable to be separated. So, why haven’t you gone Magnetic yet? Switching to NexGen platforms makes platform faults a thing of the past. Whats more NexGen platforms are very competitively priced and are on offer until [...]


It’s Choir Performance season

Choral event’s season is upon us. Theres nothing quite like a live choir performance. NexGen have manufactured dozens of choir configurations over the years, from small barbershop choruses to 100+ strong choir organisations. This choir performance season we are making it easier than ever to bring a truly professional edge to your choir arrangement, with a tiered NexGen staging configuration. When ordering use the discount code CHOIR100 for a £100 discount. Use our Quick Quote form to submit a quote request to [...]

staging pads and matting for flooring

Using staging but protecting your floor

Using staging but protecting your floor Quite often our staging customers mention high gloss, wooden or gymnasium floors, even vintage flooring or tiles. Assembling a portable stage system on these types of floors can bring its own challenges, but the solution is here. Our team at NexGen staging has recently added "self adhesive rubber pads" to attach to the base of your staging riser legs when required. The pads are the same colour as the Nexgen portable stage system foot blocks [...]

choir staging tiers

Choirs Tiered for £64 package

Our special offer choir tier package at £64 per month plus VAT This brilliant choir tier configuration can raise 30 singers off the ground, and standing another 10 singers on the floor in front, gives a 40 strong choir a fantastic way to raise their performance. We've teamed up with Admiral leasing and if your choir has charity status, Admiral can provide leasing costs of £64 per month plus VAT to buy this package in bite-size chunks. The whole package fits [...]


Staging Package for £45

Staging package offer Weve teamed up with Admiral Leasing to bring you this fantastic staging package offer. A 3 metre x 2 metre stage package in grey carpet at 300mm high, perfect for Schools, Churches, Village Halls etc. With a Free Storage Trolley for £45 per month. This package has a 5 year warranty and could potentially cover its own costs if you hire out its use once a month. The NexGen system is a quality package of 6 magnatech platforms and [...]

Staging storage options

NexGens’s incredible storage footprint

NexGens's incredible storage footprint NexGen staging has an incredibly small storage footprint. Schools, Churches and choirs always face storage issues and space is definitely at a premium. NexGen staging provides a storage solution within a 1 square metre cube. The speed at which the staging is assembled from this storage footprint is the fastest on the market, with no keys, tool or locks to fiddle with. One Platform and Riser creates a module in 10 seconds. You can put up a stage on [...]


Let’s take our performance outdoors

NexGen and the new floor levelling system Our new levelling pillars enable NexGen staging users to take their staging outdoors in dry conditions. The pillars take out up to 10 degree inclines and uneven surfaces, you can also bridge steps or lips of up to 50mm. The system has been used on grass, concrete, cobbles and paving. So, if your planning a sports day, awards ceremony, fashion show, music event or festival. Now you can use NexGen Staging. The system should be used [...]