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Portable Staging Discount for you

ECAL discounted prices There's never been so much focus on the lack of funding into the Arts, Schools and Exhibition investment, but thats about to change. The government nationally and locally is earmarking funds to re-address the balance in 2020. Having a greater control of the direction of travel, the UK government is set to stimulate growth in a multitude of areas, and one beneficiary will be these sectors. Coupled with the Education, Charity, Arts and Leisure discounts funded by our ECAL [...]


Funding & Grants for Equipment Purchase

Funding & Grants for Staging Equipment Purchase Funding can be a valuable asset when it comes to buying staging equipment to improve or enhance performances. We have arranged funding discounts through private initiatives and in most Education, Arts & Leisure applications we can provide a healthy funded discount of between 35 - 45% from the RRP. However, with that said, some organisations still cannot find all the funds required to achieve their desired staging configuration. We speak with such organisations every day, [...]