Aluminium scissor section for spider risers

Staging Parts Aluminium Scissor Riser

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Staging Spares – Aluminium Dual Tube – Scissor riveted tubes – ALL SIZES

This spare part fits into 4 black plastic node block on each riser set. They are held into place within the block by the riser block pin screws. As long as you can extract the pin screws from the black block, this is an easy to replace staging spare part.

Single Pack or 4 Pack

Our Portable Stage branded “Block screw pins” are easy to extract but older brand versions can be difficult. Watch the video tutorial below for tips. Specify the size you need in your order.

These scissor rods can be bent from time to time, during storage or transit. Please make sure to check occasionally to stop these bending. Opening the riser whilst on the floor makes a big difference, as it puts less stress on the riser leg, until its in its strong open position. Watch our gallery videos for tips to help stop these staging spares from getting damaged.

If they are lost, or bent simply order online when ordering your parts shopping list.

I always keep a small selection of spare parts to hand for stage riser leg repairs, when travelling to sing in various venues. It is real easy to swap out a broken or lost part in seconds, and bring the staging legs back to full working order.

Walter Eaves Male Voice Choir

Made of aluminium, these scissor rods allow the riser to open and close properly. They work in tandem with the black blocks.

Aluminium Dual Scissor tubes. Pin held into the nylon square black block. DIY self fit to blocks.
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