Premium Stage Module 1x1m 1030h

Stage platform and legs on a trolley
Mobile Staging panels from NexGen
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Premium Stage Module 1x1m 1030h

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SKU: MOD111000

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Premium Quality Staging Module – 1030mm high (Grey Carpet Finish)

Module consists of:

stage module grey carpetDeck – 1000 x 1000mm square – deck platform with fully magnetic connections. Grey velour carpet finish. Gold aluminium frame with, ultra light material construction. Weighing only 7.8kg. Child safe corners. No keys or side locks. Zero maintenance, with 10 year usage warranty. 30mm thick. Handcrafted in Sheffield. Compliant with Health & Safety, Fire and lifting regulations.


Legs – 1000mm high riser leg – Aluminium and Acetyl construction. Weighing 1.2kg. Super fast assembly and storage. Precision locating pillars which magnetically connect to the deck platform.




MODULE HEIGHTS AVAILABLE 330mm230mm430mm630mm830mm


These modules are tested to weight loads of 2.3 tonnes, assembly in under 10 seconds, total weight of 9kg. Stores in 1/15th of its assembled size. Order a trolley to store the whole stageNexGen Pro-Trolley Foldable Staging Storage.

Zero maintenance – unlike other lockable stages this module never requires replacement locks. Lifespan over 2000+ uses.

Video gallery – Assembled and Takedown in minutes – WATCH

How many do I need?

2 hole brace plate for NexGen staging

Here’s a few examples of how many modules you might need to connect together to form a stage.

  • Order 1 = 1x1m
  • Order 4 = 2x2m
  • Order 6 = 3x2m
  • Order 15 = 5x3m

1030mm is the finished platform stage height (deck 30mm + legs 1000mm) which is approximately 36 inches. Multiple module orders come with connecting utilities.

Used by Staging Hire professionals and blue chip organisations around the globe since 2005. Supported by our UK team.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 1030 cm


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